Men’s Quarterly Dinner

Thursday, February 28th, 6:30 p.m.

Please RSVP here

Looking Forward

Meatfare Potluck – Meatfare is just a few short weeks away on March 3.  We traditionally gather following liturgy on Judgment Sunday to share this potluck meal as our last opportunity to eat meat together before the great fast begins.  If you would like to support us in keeping this tradition, please check the white coffee hour board to sign up to either set up or clean up.

Lenten Meals – During Lent each year, St. John has shared a meal offered by one or more parishioners following each Wednesday presanctified liturgy and on Holy Thursday.  Typically, one can count on feeding 70-75 people.  If you (or a group of your friends) would like to provide one of these meals, the dates are listed downstairs on the white board next to the elevator.

Dinner & a Show, Feb. 22



Date:   Friday, February 22nd at 6:00 p.m.

Cost:  $15/adults & $5/children 3+

Contact D&S Coordinator, Anne Castrodale, for tickets and questions.

Join us as for St. John’s annual talent show, dessert auction, and bake sale.  Proceeds from the evening will benefit St. Raphael Hall as well as the national Antiochian Women’s project, “Building Cathedrals.”

Volunteer Opportunities:    

  • Dinner: chefs, kitchen help (receive/set out food, clean up) – Thea Wallace, coordinator
  • Décor: set-up/take-down – Justin Bowles, coordinator
  • Auction/Bake Sale: donations, auction runner – Caitlyn Maas, coordinator
  • Talent – Bill Stanek, coordinator
  • Bartender

Examining the Telos of the Parish

“Telos” means fulfillment or completion.  This wonderfully timed parish retreat will focus on how the work of the parish is completed or fulfilled.  Our Church has different organizations and different age groups all doing different things.  How can they be brought together?  What is the focus of the parish?  What role do each of the groups play in the parish community?  Join us as we hear the answers to some of these questions from Kh. Jenny Mosher, the director of the Telos Project at Hellenic College.  Kh. Jenny is also a trained catechist in the Catechism of the Good Shepherd Program.

Don’t let childcare be a hindrance to your attendance, let us know and child care will be provided both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon!


Parish Retreat insert

Telos Team

Theophany House Blessings

There is a sign up list downstairs on the table across from the elevator for those who wish to have their homes blessed before Lent.  Please choose all times slots that are convenient for your family.  Fr. Philip will then schedule accordingly and contact you to confirm the actual date and time for your blessing.

Nativity Services

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!

Our special services for Nativity and Theophany may be found here

School Supply Drive

St. John is participating as a drop-off location for the Vollentine Evergreen School Supply Drive benefiting Vollentine Elementary School.  This is a great alms project to helps us stay active in and benefit the community which surrounds us.  Items may be dropped off in the library/classroom until Sunday, January 6.

Supply List

Parish Wish List

St. John has compiled a wish list of items that we would love to have for our community.  The list can be found below and in the bulletin.  If you would like to purchase and donate one of the items, please contact the office.  If you would like to make a monetary donation towards an item, please note on the check what you would like it used for.

Parish Wish List


Annual Pledge Letters

As we come towards the end of the calendar year, new pledge cards are available so that the council can begin to plan the budget for 2019. In addition to your regular tithe, you may also help by pledging towards our mortgage payment. The sooner we pay down our mortgage the better! The pledge cards will be mailed this week, and are available on the table at the front of St. Raphael Hall. Thank you for your continued support of the Church!

Thanksgiving Baskets

It is time again to collect for our Thanksgiving Baskets!  This year we will be giving large baskets to 4 families for whom we have provided items for many years.   An online sign up for items needed will be emailed out and can also be found on the St. John website.  No donation is too small or insignificant – do not feel as though you need to provide the entire quantity of an item listed.  Items may be left in the old parish hall.

All contributions should be at the church no later than Wednesday, November 14 at which time an inventory will be taken and those items still needed will be purchased.  If you would rather make a monetary donation you may do so by indicating “Thanksgiving Baskets” on your check.

Donation list & sign up