Library: Books and Media


St. John Orthodox Church Library is home to a wealth of infomation on Orthodox life and practice.  Over 1300 volumes!!   All books and media are arranged by their sujects as in a bookstore.    There is a Church members, inquirers, catechumens can check out titles for one month.  If you are from another parish or just have questions and want information about the Failth, just contact Judy Terry at

Our subject categories are:

Art (art, icons & architecture)                

Biography (lives of  men and women who se lives have instucted us in the faith)       

Catecheism (Church doctrine and teaching)                                                  

Children’s  books                                                     

Fiction (historical fiction)                                                          

Hagiography (saints’ lives)                    

History of the Church and travel in Orthodox lands                                              

Hymnology ( Orthodox music in practice and history)                                                       

Patristics (writings of the saints)

Books by Protestant Authors

Reference Books

Books by Roman Catholic authors

Scripture and Commentaries

Spiritual living (Orthodox life and practice including prayer and family life)



You can browse the shelves ’til something catches your eye, or you can go straight to what you need!!!  There is a printed catalog on the checkout table of all the resources.  But that won’t help you if you’re not at the church!  So, click on the ON-LINE PRINT AND MEDIA CATALOGS.  You can find books by their subjects, their titles, or by their authors.  Each resource listing in the catalogs gives you the media type, title author, subject, C(irculating) or R(eference), spine label, and number of copies owned.


Hagiography (lives of the saints) in one of our strongest categories of the collection.  The Fathers and Mothers of the Church have left us great wisdom and their lives are shining lights for us in living out our Faith.  Many have entire books written about them, but the rest are unfamiliar to most of us.  St. John Library has many collective hagiographies.  These are books that contain only short chapters or a page or two, which is the extent of the Church’s knowledge about them.   All of the saints in these books appear in the INDEX TO COLLECTIVE HAGIOGRAPHY.   This is where you can look up any saint by name and find out the title of the book/s his life is in, the page number, and his feast day.  This index is very handy since many of these books arrange the  information on the saints’ lives by their feast days.  And who knows the feast days of more than a handful of saints???  Click on this link above and you will see the list of these saints – all 2475 of them!!!

       The Reference section supports the collection with encyclopedias, commentaries, concordances, collective hagiographies, and sets of writings of the              saints. As in most libraries, these books cannot be check out.  However,  local readers may make use of the copy machine.  If you want information                 from  the books and aren’t in driving distance, copied pages can be emailed or faxed to you.





The library is open everytime the church is open, generally every Tuesday-Friday, 9-5, and befofre and after every service.  We use old-fashioned cards and pockets!!  Write your name and email address on the book card with today’s date. and put it in the card tray which is beside the printed catalogue. Write today’s date on the card that ‘s left in the pocket.  Leave that  card in the pocket to remind you when to return the book.  Easy!  You can do that without the librarian even being there!