LIBRARY: Catalogs


The title, author and subject online catalogs of books and media are on .pdf  files.  The print catalogs are on Excel spreadsheets. The data in all is arranged by columns as follows:

                                              Title Catalog                    Author Catalog                          Subject Catalog A~G & H~P & Q-Z

#1 title                               #1 author                                  #1 subject

#2 media type                  #2 title                                      #2 media type

#3 spine label                  #3 media type                          #3 title

#4 author                         #4 spine label                           #4 spine label

#5  C or R                         #5  C or R                                  #5 author

#6 copies owned             #6 copies owned                      #6 C or R

                                                                                                #7 copies owned


The SUBJECT CATALOGUE is the most often used method of finding books because many people do not know the author or title of what they want.  They just know what they want to read about. Since it is impossible to list every way of searching for topics, this catalogue uses many cross references.  The instructions below will make your searches quicker and easier.

1. See means there are no titles under the term you have looked up.  You are then directed to another related subject, e.g. Tithe, see Alms.

 2 . See also means that more titles are listed under other, similar subjects.  You will see related subjects where you can find additional titles, e.g. Baptism, see also Holy Mysteries.

3.  Saints are listed as First name, St., (last name if any ) and birth and death dates.

4. Feasts of Christ and the Theotokos are listed individually as well as under Feasts.

5. Sacraments are listed under Holy Mysteries and individually.

 6. Handbooks are books on various topics usually in the form of alphabetical lists or FAQs.

 7. Church refers to titles on the Orthodox Church.

 8. Books of the Bible are listed individually as well as under Bible.