Library: Periodicals




Our library subsribes to  twelve magazines.  They’re arranged alphabetically by name and then chronologically. The library subscribes to these titles:

Again Magazine              1978-2009  (articles about Orthodox converts and their churches)   

The Evangelist                1992-2000)    (newsletter of St. John)

The Handmaiden           1996-2008       (short articles for Orthodox women)

Life Transfigured           1984-present  (monastic journal)

Little Falcons                   2014-present  ( children’s stories and activities)

Orthodox America        1982-2004 (published by ROCOR)

Orthodox Tradition      1996-present (traditionalist articles on Orthodox thought and life)

Orthodox Word              1996-present   (published by OCA, longer, biographical articles) 

Praxis                                 1999-present  ( (published by GOC Dept. of Education) 

Road To Emmaus         2000-present   (Orthodox history and culture world-wide)

the Veil                              1996-present  (monastic journal)

The Word                         1970-2003   (publilshed by the AOCA))   


You can browse through them or go right to the specific article on a suject of your interest!  Find right what you want by looking for the subject of your interest in the INDEX TO PERIODICALS.  This is on the top shelf of the periodical shelves next to the REFERENCE section.  The first part lists our  holdings of each periodical we receive.  The second part is a subject index for the articles.  Click on PERIODICAL INDEX and search the listing for articles on subjects you need.  You can go right to the articles you need in the specific issue of the journal and even the page number!   Locals can make copies in the office.  Out of towners can contact me and I will fax or email you the articles!