Looking for reviews of books before you buy or borrow them?  It’s helpful to know others’ opinions!  Here are book reviews of popular St. John Library resources and comments by readers on their choices!


Review of Saint Nektarios of Aegina by Euphemia Briere  KID/NEC  (reading level-middle school)

Here’s an attractive, informative biography of a saint loved by us all.  I say attractive because there is a full-page picture in soft, gentle colors opposite each page of text. I say informative because the narrative is not fictionalized – it has no dialogue.  Additionally, the miracles of the saint are recounted at the end of the book, followed by the words and music to “The Dismissal Hymn of St. Nekarios of Aegina.” This book will appeal to your middle school reader since about one third of the book tells about the saint’s childhood.  And, it’s a short book – 28 pages!  (A hint to the wise – St. Nekarios’s feast day is November 9!)

Parents, St. John Library now offers you and your children an alternative to comic books and fashion magazines!!  Little Falcons is a quarterly for middle school students.  It offers poetry, short stories and word play activities on Church life and educational topics.  Each issue focuses on a theme such as a feast or an aspect of Church life, e.g. canons.  The newest issue features the Transfiguration, life changes and transformation in nature with various articles and puzzles.  You’ll find the latest issues on the display cart.