Library: Collective Hagiographies


Hagiography (lives of the saints) is one of our strongest categories.  The Fathers and Mothers of the Church have left us great wisdom. A number have entire books written about them, but most do not.  St. John Library has many collective hagiographies.  These are books that only contain a few pages or paragraphs on these lesser known saints, which is the extent of the Church’s knowledge about them.    The saints covered in these books are frequently arranged by feast day.  This makes it difficult to access the information if you don’t know the date.  And, some saints have more than one spelling for their names, e.g.  Febronia (Euphrosyne), Maximus (Maximos), Peter (David), Catherine (Katherine).  Some books give slightly different feast days for saints, e.g. November 24 or 25 for St. Katherine.  Books about all of these saints appear in the COLLECTIVE HAGIOGRAPHY INDEX  A-I, J-N, O-Z . Use this online index or the print version to look up any saint by name.  Beside it you’ll see the title of the book his life is in, the spine code and page number, and his feast day.  The print copy is on a table on the west side of the library near the bulletin boards.

This index gives you all the information necessary to locate a book that has your saint in it. The index is  arranged like this:

1st column – Saints’ names in alphabetical order.  They are listed by first name, then last name if known.

2nd column – Title of the book that contains the information.

3rd column – spine code of the book

4th column – page number in the book

5th column – saint’s feast day