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Byzantine Chanters

Byzantine Chant is the traditional music employed by the Orthodox Church.  Its roots can be traced back to the ancient Church, most especially in Asia Minor and Greece.  It operates quite differently from most forms of Western music.  While many forms of Western music, especially those in churches, are polyphonic, Byzantine Chant is monophonic, being made up of a melody and ison.  An ison is a drone note that is sung with the melody.

Here at Saint John Orthodox Church, Byzantine Chant music is sometimes sung by our choir.  However, we also have Chanters, some who are members of the choir, who have received further training in this ancient form of music, and are thus able to sing, or chant, it to a greater extent.  At our parish, our purpose is to present the Byzantine tradition, both musically and structurally, as a compliment to our choir and to help the Priest lead the faithful in the prayers of the services.  There are many times when we chant the services instead of the choir, the most often example of which is Wednesday evening services.



St. John Orthodox Church Choir

 ChoirWe welcome new singers! If you are interested in singing with the choir, please speak with the choir directors, Bill Stanek or Nathan Powell. They will explain policies and expectations for members. Children and teens may sing in the choir at the discretion of the director and their parents.