Image Posting Policy

It is a privilege to include images of parishioners and guests on the website who are attending events in our church life at St John Orthodox Church. Respecting this privilege and understanding the enduring and public nature of online images (photographs, videos, and others), we will endeavor to adhere to the following policy:

Images and personal identification

With the exception of clergy, staff and those in leadership roles, St. John does not attach names to images without prior consent.

Image selection and removal

St. John will make reasonable efforts to ensure that only positive images are posted, and none that are embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful. Upon request, St. John will remove any personal images currently published on our web site.

Images of minors (a person aged 17 and under)

St. John will not publish images of minors without parental consent. Consent forms are available in the church office.

Images of adult members

Adults who do not wish individual or group images featuring their likeness to be published on the St. John website should notify the church office via phone or email.

Images of parish events

When photographing parish events, St. John will make every effort to honor stated preferences regarding the publishing of images. However, images in which individuals appear incidentally as part of a crowd during parish events will not be subject to the restrictions described above, unless specifically requested.

Images of visitors

St John will make reasonable efforts to ensure that clearly identifiable images of visitors/non parish members do not appear on our website without consent.

Reuse of images

St John Church asks that website visitors not redistribute images without permission from St John Orthodox Church. Permission can be obtained by contacting the church office in writing, either by email or letter.

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Image Posting Consent Form