Practical Questions & Answers

Why should I – tithe?  Because – tithing shows that we’re serious.

Tithing refers obviously to giving 10% of income, but for this note, you can define tithing as serious giving.  10% is serious for most of us.  For those who are very affluent, 10% is not that serious, and more should done because one can. And for some, 10% is unaffordable at the current time, so one needs to be serious with another percentage. But the point is to be serious. So if you’re not serious, get serious.

How do you know if you’re serious? Well, to start with, if you’re spending more on cable TV or other forms of entertainment every month than you’re giving to the Church, it’s a safe guess that you’re not being serious about giving.

I love the phrase “put your money where your mouth is.” It’s definitely true. Jesus says almost exactly the same thing when He says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matt. 6:21, Luke 12:34). Where we put our money proves where are hearts are. Where are our hearts?  (taken [and edited a bit] from a short article by Fr. Andrew Damick, “6 Reasons Why Tithing is Good for an Orthodox Parish.”  Copies are of the entire article are in the parish hall.)