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This page is dedicated to the spiritual and social gatherings of our parish.  Share and enjoy

pictures of weddings, chrismations, baptisms, showers, teen meetings, fund raisers

and other activities that bind us together as a family in the Body of Christ.

Attend our upcoming events and take your camera!!!      Send your pictures to:


June 17th

St. John fills the Court with rejoicing as our newest daughter’s adoption is finalized!  


June 15th

More gardeners tending the Sacristan Garden!

May 14th

Many hands make light work in our Sacristan Garden!

April 21st

This year our Holy Week began with the Churching of our new twins!

Our Syrian Chanters

Triumphal Entry


Holy Unction


For many more pictures of our wonderful week, click on the link below:


March 27th

Bishop Nicholas visits with the ladies at our monthly teaching meetings.


March 25th

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation!!!  We welcomed His Grace,

Bishop Nicholas,  and rejoiced at the ordination of our new sub-deacon Caleb.

March 24th

Story time at St. John Library !!! The children listened to the story of St. Cuthbert and the Ravens, acted it out, and ate “raven” cookies!!!!


Our Parish was enriched, and enlarged today by the inclusion

of four and a half new Catechumens sponsored by Drew.


February 27th

This evening we celebrated our annual Dinner and a Show. 

Great food, celebrity acts (including Fr. Johnny Cash Philip), and dessert auction. 

Definitely a country western flair.


February 24th

Parents and Godparents   rejoice as is baptized.



February 16th

Godparents assist in the Baptism and first Communion of their goddaughter.





February 3rd

Joyful churching on the feast day of St. Simeon the God-Receiver.


January 27th

St. John’s newest mother and baby are churched during the week of the feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple!


December 30th

St. John Library hosts a book reading of

The Twelve Days of Christmas !


December 23rd

We welcome Sharon, our newest member,  as she begins her journey in the Church!



December 16th

Our children warm our hearts with their Nativity play.


St. John rejoices as another mother and child are churched!


November 4

St. John welcomes our newest catechumen!


November 2-3

Women’s Retreat on Becoming a Healing Presence by Dr. Al Rossi







October 27

Fall Fest and Chili Cook-off






September 25th-30th

Bishop NICHOLAS visits St. John!!!

Joining us for the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday


Hierarchical Liturgy on Sunday




September 27th

Bishop NICHOLAS visits the Women of St. John


September 26th

Bishop NICHOLAS addresses us on our patronal feast day – the Repose of St. John the Evangelist


September 23rd

Crown Removal – Many years!!!


September 14th      Elevation of the Cross

“God save thy people and bless thine inheritance

granting to thy people victory over all their enemies.

And by thy Cross,

protect thy community!”



August 26th






August 12th

Godparents present their new goddaughter for her first Communion.


August 11th

Proud parents look on as their baby girl is Chrismated and Baptized.


August 5th

We rejoice as mother and new baby are churched, as Christ was presented in the Temple at forty days.






August 6

 Blessing of the grapes for the Feast of the Transfiguration

Summer Atrium 2018 – July 23-27

A wonderful week of playing and praying, creating and growing, and loving each other.  God became man and He loves us very much!

We started each day with 3rd Hour prayers.  We were blessed by the children’s reading!

After prayers, we spent time in the atria.

Fr. John Troy gave several nave presentations to both levels of the atria.

Following time in the atria, it was time for snacks, crafts and games.

July 22nd


Fr. Alex and Kh. Amanda celebrated their last Liturgy with us this morning.  Both are much loved and will be sorely missed.

Orthodoxy is growing in our country and they will be leading the parish of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Myrtle Beach, SC

Many Years Fr. Alex and Amanda!!









July 1st

Another baptism!  Many years!!


 June 24th

Two celebrations this Sunday.  We applaud our award winning youngsters of the Diocese Creative Arts Festival.

And today Fr. Philip removed the Crowns from the recently married!

Many Years to all!


June 3rd

Today Calen and Katherine were chrismated and our parish became the better for it.

Many years, newly illumined!!






May 27

Congratulations to our newest graduates!!!



May 13th

Christ is Risen!!

A wonderful Mother’s Day.  New mother was able to present her child to the Church,

and our parish is blessed with another cradle Orthodox member.

Many Years!!









April 8th

Christ Is Risen!!

Cool temperatures outside lead to a wonderful indoor agape picnic hosted by St. Raphael in our new, spacious parish hall.

It’s really hard to beat Corky’s!




April 7th & 8th

Pascha celebrations














April 6th

Dressing the Bier

Many hands and light work.  Beautiful work.

Bless them all!




April 4th

Celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Unction





April 1st  Palm Sunday



It’s nice that we are running short of real estate for our procession!




March 30th

Sprucing up the Sacristan Garden for Pascha.  Many hands of all sizes make light work!



March 11th

This Sunday we celebrated the Elevation Of The Cross.  Veneration was given by young and old alike!


March 4th

Today we enlisted another cradle Orthodox with a churching.  Many Years!!






February 10th and 11th

This weekend our parish hosted a Retreat led by Paul Finley, Executive Director of St. Herman House in Cleveland, which was based on The Sermon On The Mount.  It was well attended and very illuminating!  You can find the audio of the retreat as well as Sunday sermons by clicking the link here:

Illuminating Faith

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Dinner and a Show 2018

Friday night , February 2nd, we enjoyed great talents and great food at our annual Dinner and a Show.

This years theme was “Putting on the Ritz”.

Below is a sampling of the entertainment and auction.  More can be found at:








Flash Back January 2017 to January 2018


In January 2017, we blessed the upcoming destruction of our duplex next door for the construction of St. Raphael Hall.



November 2017, our completed parish hall.

January 28th, 2018, we give our first house blessing to the newly acquired apartments next door to St. Raphael Hall.

An exceptional year of growth for our parish.

Many Years, St. John Orthodox Church!!


December 31st

Last evening our parish was enriched by the baptism of two new faithfuls.

This morning, they received their first communion.  Many Years!!




December 17th

Wonderful day!  The children performed their annual Christmas play (thank you Claire and company)

and a newly Chrismated during Liturgy.















This evening our Church and our parish were strengthened by the Chrismation of eight new members.  Many Years!!





















November 26th

New Children’s Book reading in the Library








Holy Week was full of special services, culminating in Chrismations and Baptisms during the Holy Saturday Liturgy.

To view this online gallery: click here.





baptism  baptism


Property blessing Demolition day Demolition day Demolition day Demolition complete


MS River blessing Memphis

Saturday, January 7, we joined with Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church and St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Church to bless the Mississippi River. This is the first time we know of that the Orthodox community of Memphis has performed this blessing as part of our celebration of Theophany (Jan. 6). It was a bitterly cold, sunny day, and the celebration concluded with a Corky’s BBQ lunch at St. John.



On July 31, 2106, St. John was blessed to celebrate a Hierarchical Divine liturgy with +ANTOUN and +BASIL present.  On his final day as head priest, we recognized Fr. John Troy for his service to our parish, and were blessed to watch as Fr. Philip was elevated to archpriest.  AXIOS!