Our library and this website exists to support the educational activities and spiritual growth of the children and adults in our parish and of inquirers of the Faith wherever they are.

Saint John Library started out over twenty years ago with a small collection of about 200 books which were gathered over the years by our clergy and parishioners, The library has now grown to over 1300 books, over 100 CDs and DVDs, and current and back issues of 10 periodicals.

A  print catalogue of resources is available in the library. The links below give local patrons and those not within driving distance of St. John access to user-friendly lists of our materials and to all services offered by the librarian.  And, if you want to start a library at your parish, you’ll find below an encouraging, detailed article on how to begin one!


BOOKS AND MEDIA (how to find and check them out) 


PERIODICALS (how to find articles in our magazines)


COLLECTIVE HAGIOGRAPHIES (how to find books and media on multiple saints)


SERVICES (what the librarian does to give local and online users the information they need) 


CREATING AND MAINTAINING A PARISH LIBRARY (how to start your own church library!!)