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 Nave Icons
       Icons have been called  “windows to heaven,” for this is truly how the Church sees them.  Icons go beyond beautiful art; they are instructors of the Faith.  They show us individuals who bore the likeness of Christ and events in the history of our salvation.  Primarily, icons bear witness to the Incarnation.  We are told that not only is their use in our churches and homes permissible, but essential because icons insure our understanding of our salvation.  God became a man in the flesh and redeemed humanity and the whole physical world.  It is natural to worship with icons because God created, loved and saved the material world by taking on matter in the Person of Jesus Christ.  God alone is worshipped, but the Church has given us icons for veneration and as reminders of His presence with us.  The faithful have worshipped with them since the early days of Christianity.  In fact, St. Luke is said to have written the first icon of the Theotokos.  We say written because icons are two dimensional; they are not pictures but representations of saints or events, being void of movement and drama.
      There are many interesting things to keep in mind while studying icons.  Festal icons, for example, often show more than one event associated with the subject in the icon.  You may also notice that the heads and body sections of saints are not always proportional.  Facial features consist of long noses and small, closed mouths.  Foreheads are often high, and fingers are long and slender.  These features represent their virtues and Godliness.

       St. John is blessed to have many beautiful icons, both festal and individual Saints.  They are organized below in regard to their type, name, and location within our church.

Descriptions and artist are linked to each photograph.

For more information on our Icons or their photographs, please contact Fr. Philip.

Christ our Lord (19)

Theotokos (Mary, the Mother of God) (13)

Festal Icons (14)

Our Church (9)

Alphabetical Listing of Our Saints with their Icons (111)

Slide show of all Icons

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