Saint Anastasia the Roman

Saint Anastasia, the Virgin Marty

(October 29)

Iconographer: Dmitry Shkolnik

The Martyr Anastasia was born in Rome of well-to-do parents.  After their death when she was three, she was taken into a women’s monastery near Rome and raised by Abbess Sophia in fervent faith, in the fear of God and in obedience. As a teenager, Anastasia was known as a great ascetic by the Christians as a rare beauty by the pagans.  The persecution against Christians by the emperor Decius (249-251) began around that time. The pagan administrator of the city, Probus, heard of Anastasia and sent soldiers to bring her to him. The good abbess Sophia counseled Anastasia for two hours on how to keep the Faith, how to resist flattering delusion, and how to endure torture.  Blessed by her abbess to suffer for Christ, the young martyr Anastasia humbly came out to meet the armed soldiers.  She openly proclaimed her faith in Christ before Probus.  He tried to deceive Anastasia, but she refused to denounce Christ.  She was then subjected to fierce tortures and finally beheaded.  The body of the saint was thrown out beyond the city to be eaten by wild animals, but the Lord did not permit her holy relics to be dishonored. At the command of a holy angel, Abbess Sophia went to find St. Anastasia’s mutilated body, and with the help of two Christians buried it in the earth.