Examining the Telos of the Parish

“Telos” means fulfillment or completion.  This wonderfully timed parish retreat will focus on how the work of the parish is completed or fulfilled.  Our Church has different organizations and different age groups all doing different things.  How can they be brought together?  What is the focus of the parish?  What role do each of the groups play in the parish community?  Join us as we hear the answers to some of these questions from Kh. Jenny Mosher, the director of the Telos Project at Hellenic College.  Kh. Jenny is also a trained catechist in the Catechism of the Good Shepherd […]

Diocese of Miami and the Southeast Winter Retreat

Make plans now to attend the diocesan Winter Retreat, January 25 – 27 DOMSE ’19 Winter Retreat Flyer Schedule for Winter Retreat 2019

Theophany House Blessings

There is a sign up list downstairs on the table across from the elevator for those who wish to have their homes blessed before Lent.  Please choose all times slots that are convenient for your family.  Fr. Philip will then schedule accordingly and contact you to confirm the actual date and time for your blessing.