Confessions for Lent

As you think about making your confession for Lent please make every effort to have you confessions heard before the beginning of Holy Week.  Fr. John and the other priests are available to hear your confession after every service with the exception of the Divine Liturgy, so there are many opportunities.  An excellent time to make your confession is during the Great Canon of Repentance of St. Andrew of Crete at compline on the night of March 23rd.  Additionally, many people make an appointment to make their confession at a time other than after a service.  Just contact the priest […]

Palm Sunday Potluck

Triumphal Entry

We will have our annual Palm Sunday Potluck on April 5th.  Please bring a dish(es) to share and remember that we may have fish, wine and oil on this day.

PLEASE SIGN UP downstairs or online….

Set Up for Palm Sunday (click here) Paschal Vigil – The sign-up sheet is in the parish hall for those wishing to participate in the vigil that is kept from the “Taking Down” Vespers on Holy Friday until the Paschal Service.  Sign up early to get the time you want! Set Up and Decorate for Pascha (click here) Agape Picnic (RSVP here) These and other signups can be found on the Online Sign Up & Assignment page of our website.