Financial Pledges for 2016

Many thanks to those of you who have returned your financial pledge for the coming year.  If you have not done so, we still need yours.  As we try to plan the future of our parish, this information is critical to our making reasonable plans.  Since we are contemplating a sizeable building project, communicating your financial commitment to the ongoing activities of our parish is most especially important.  Please try to have yours returned by December 1. Pledge form

Advent Paraklesis

The Nativity of Our Lord

We will pray Advent Paraklesis on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  Come pray with us!

Plans for the Future….

Fencing – We have completed the fence on the back side of the church property and the new side walk leading to the garbage container pad in the alley!  We have received numerous compliments on the fencing.  The new location for the garbage containers and new holly bushes have greatly improved the aesthetics the south side of our property.  Garbage can and should now be taken out the eastern ground floor door to the new container location.  11/22/15 Flooring for the nave – We have selected contractors for the rebuild of the solea and the installation of the new floor.  […]